San Andreas Alistair MacLean

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285 pages


San Andreas  by  Alistair MacLean

San Andreas by Alistair MacLean
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I had this book as a kid--probably read it a thousand times growing up. Im thinking I got it as a present or even bought it at one of those Weekly Reader/Scholastic book fairs (remember those?) Must have gotten it around 11 or 12 years old? Found it today at Goodwill and didnt hesitate to pick it up. The cover is in better shape than what mine looked like ( I think my guinea pig chewed some of it when I left it too close to the cage), but I could swear the spine has the same rubbed out spots as the one I had.

And where that version ended up I have no idea. I vaguely remember the story as a Liberty Ship working as a floating hospital ship gets the tar blown out of it in the beginning, and theres sabotage a plenty, plus some interesting descriptions of decapitations and German spies. Looking forward to regressing as I read. We will see if it holds up to the memory.So after reading it, it actually still holds up! The only confusion I had as an adult reader was trying to figure out who everyone was, as far as minor or major characters.

MacLean uses everyones last name, and spoiler wise--the main and bad guys character last names are almost identical--as well as his inability to follow basic speech etiquette. Case in point, a character describes the action, a quote is given, someone responds in the same paragraph and then a new paragraph starts with the same person finishing their thought. Probably where I learned all my bad habits from.

Good thriller though, and a solid page turner.

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