Henry Elizabeth Yandell

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Henry  by  Elizabeth Yandell

Henry by Elizabeth Yandell
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I was one year old when I fell for Henry. Thereafter I was his devoted slave. It was on record and a standing joke, that when I became aware of him as a person, distinct from all others who prodded my middle in passing, I squirmed right around in my bassinet and pitched out over the hood. Seeing me squalling at his feet, he picked me up and dumping me back amongst the covers legged it for the potting shed as fast as the wheels would turn.

Once in safety he made certain there was no damage, sat me down on a heap of sifted soil, gave me a couple of thumb-pots and a trowel to play with and got on with the job at the bench. I had begun gardening.Im a little older than The Blister - but Ive fallen for Henry too.

This story of the relationship between a little girl and the gardener on her fathers estate has so many of the things I love all in one spot - gardeners, the upstairs/downstairs relationship, an unconventional childhood, old things - this was at the end of Queen Vs reign through to the death of King Edward, recipes from the estates Cookie, humour, great illustrations (the wonderful Faith Jaques), a mention of gipsies....I could go on and on.The Blister (Henrys pet name for Elizabeth) has a serious case of hero worship.

And shes not the only one. Hes a remarkable man. All the things he knows! And the way he engages with E. is so charming and inventive - he would give her little jobs to do, picking daisies, helping him mow the lawn (he harnessed her to the front of the mower and had her pull - not really, just so she thought she was helping - I bent to the job, pawing and snorting like the plough horses did.

Henry gee-upped and whoah-ed, and off we went. She seems to spend a considerable amount of time with Henry - his wife is her nurse - and her father (whom she simply refers to as Authority) allows it. No mention is made of what happened to Blisters mother, but she must have died - in childbirth?

Blisters life centers around Henry, Authority, her Godfather, Liz (Henrys wife), and Cookie.The book is about more than just Henry. Its full of old country lore, tidbits about life on the estate, holidays, parties, the local policeman, a flower show, Henrys apprentice boys, and the war - just to name a few things. And a lot of little tidbits like this:Henry never had a bed of carrots, only single rows of peas and broad beans, and carrot seed was never sown without a tablespoon of ground cayenne pepper and a pinch of lettuce seed, the pepper to chase it up and the lettuce to mark the rows and make hoeing easier, and all the precautions were to fox carrot-flies.

Henry said the fly was a bad dodger, that it liked a clear run over which to drop its eggs and that the pea and bean rows took its mind off the carrots. Its certain that we never had maggoty carrots.I love all those gardening bits - estate gardeners had quite the lifeand store of knowledge (- that BBC Victorian Kitchen Garden series was exceptional, I wish it was still available on Youtube, drat it)!I could rave on and on.

My new favorite memoir! I want to own this one.A warning for those borrowing it from Open Library - there are pages missing!!! *shakes fist* I nearly went into a fit of apoplexy. Complained to OL, but they say they cant fix bad scans. AAaaaaaaarrgghh!!!!![image error]

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